Friday, April 6, 2007

Ya Want More Pictures?

Ok, ok. No text, just pictures. Well, perhaps just a few explanatory titles if they aren't already self-evident, which really good pictures should be, but of course these aren't because they were taken in haste with a little digital camera under mostly low-light conditions with a fast-moving model (I wonder who that might be?) in almost all cases, so I expect that the titles will be helpful as long as they aren't all as long as this self-referential run-on sentence has turned out to be...

Katherine and Choon-so hamming it up with purple carnations. Too much cuteness!

Kath solo hamming. Almost too much cuteness, especially considering the soft-focus (not a deliberate effect, trust me...) She gets her daily dose of compliments whenever we take her out in public, and they are always the same: "Oooooooh! In-yo... nomu kiawayo....noon arumdawayo....noon-sup yeppoyo!" Which loosely translated means: "Awwwwww! She's a cute.... what beautiful eyes.... such lovely eyelashes!" Honestly, it never varies.

Antidote to all that cuteness. An artsy self-portrait (taken in the women's washroom, if you must know....) Actually it's rather flattering and you can tell I've dropped five pounds already.

Oh look! A picture with Bryan in it! Here's Kath refusing to give me a kiss after disembarking from her nice yellow daycare shuttlebus. Ah well, it was a great pose and really captures the typical apres-daycare routine....

Wow - a picture WITHOUT Katherine in it! I call it "Classic Band-Aid Solution"... and no, that is NOT our car. Ironically enough, I caught this snap in the parking lot of the Driver's Training Centre...

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Anonymous audrey said...

Thanks for sharing more pictures! We enjoy them - they don't have to be 'really good pictures'. (Your run-on sentence is pretty impressive, too - 79 words!)
Seeing you guys in your light jackets makes me long for spring; it still feels like winter here! Today's weather: currently -1, high of 2 and light snow.

Happy Easter!
Audrey & family

April 9, 2007 at 6:56 a.m.  

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