Monday, April 30, 2007

Exam Funnies...

Such as they are - and a limited crop at this semester's midterms - I offer up some 'exam funnies' for your delectation. You probably need to know that we were dealing with the topics of 'introductions', 'hobbies', 'descriptions & adjectives' and 'personality' - apart from that, most of the sentences will speak (albeit in a mangled manner) for themselves...

One student wrote, hopefully,
'I want to be familiar with you..."
Dream on, kid.

Another, drowsing then realizing his tactlessness:
"Lesson is very sleeping
but english conversation very fun
and english teacher eyebrows very interesting!"
(I should explain that I usually draw a little curlique of eyeliner from one eye or brow as a quirky personal statement. My kids often comment on it and enjoy it.)

Several introduced their families, doubtless not as strange as made out to be here:
"I have a father, mother, and little bother". Yeah, join the club!
"My family is father, mother, old sister, and me..." Poor girl, nineteen and on the shelf already.
"My family is six: Dad, Mom, older sister, younger brother, my puppy Azi and me." (Note that the puppy gets billing before its owner - but wait! She goes on:) "We all go to church together on Sundays..." I could not resist writing on her paper, "What, even the puppy?"

Others made more personal confessions:
"When I smile, my mouse seems like Jim Carry's mouse..."
"I have thin ears. This means I lack backbone."
"My bloodtype is A, so I am introvert." (What, a young vampire in the making?)

This student announces: "I am painful whenever I attend school." Probably true.
Another, simply: "Chocolate is my necessaries." We can all identify!
Even more simply: "I'm short".

I love this sweet characterization: "My boyfriend is homely but amiable..."

Some got carried away:
"She has very attractive leops and noses..." (alien girlfriend!)
"She has brown shoulderless hair" (ouch)

And finally, I feel for the sister:

"I usually surfing internet in the evenings and talking about roommate's sister...."


Blogger Liese said...

Hey, guys!

Very amusing. Of course, when you consider some of the bloopers English speakers here produce for their teachers...they aren't so different, frighteningly enough.

Then you get the scary bright kids, like Thomas. He was given a book on drawing comic characters (detailing superheroes, cartoons and editorial style cartoons) I had explained to him the concept of "the pen is mightier than the sword" and within a couple of minutes he had produced a cartoon knight in armour, wielding a pencil as a sword and an eraser as a shield. (For anyone reading this who may not know, Thomas is nine years old.)

Sometimes kids can be intimidatingly insightful,and other times they can't remember to close the door when they go outside...

Anyway, I thought I'd share that with you, because Thomas had shared his aspirations on cartooning with Aunt Judy and she'd given him some helpful tips. It's nice to see him starting to develop this particular talent. He says he wants to draw pictures for Santharia in a few years, once he learns computer graphic design. We may have to get him some software soon.

Well, gotta go, we are off to the zoo. See you later.

May 5, 2007 at 10:27 a.m.  

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