Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gratitude and Appreciation Seriously Overdue

As a result of some hints, pleas, and outright begging from this side of the ocean, some wonderful people on the other side of the ocean spent time, effort, and money to put together care packages for us. You'd think that living in a highly technologically-advanced first-world democracy would mean you could get pretty much anything you want, wouldn't you? I suppose it depends on your 'wants'...

In this case, if we wanted a cell phone with email, camera, social scheduler, built-in translator, games, and Swiss Army Knife, we could get it... but Ruffles potato chips, (in Sour Cream and Onion, natch) available at any North American convenience store, are out of the question. Likewise, if we would like reams of handmade paper, fantastic stickers, paints, and stationery for ridiculously low amounts of cash, we are in the right country.... but your basic jar of Cheez Whiz does not exist. At least, not legally - and we haven't yet gotten around to exploring the black market this semester...

Sooooo.... as I was saying, some really thoughtful and considerate people packed up some things for us, and this thank-you is long overdue.

Audrey: The chips were consumed over a delayed-gratification period of two weeks (and yes, I even licked the bag when it was completely empty...) - incredibly yummy! I'm hoarding what must be the most expensive jar of Cheez Whiz ever eaten, and scraping it mingily across my bread to make the taste go as far as possible. The magazines were an unlooked-for and completely delightful surprise - thanks so much for picking two such perfect matches for my passions! I've pored over them repeatedly and have now tucked them away to 'rediscover' in a month or so... all in all, a wonderful box. Please do apply to Dad for reimbursement from our account for shipping - and that goes for all of you who send things we've asked for!

Mom (Miller) sent not one but two fat mailing envelopes with some books and flashcards - old favorites and a new resource - for Katherine. She was very thankful to have more reading material, especially some familiar books! And I am going to save the resource manual for summer perusal - mmmmm.....

Apparently there is still a big treat for our little girl as a subscription is on the way. I'll post regarding that when it arrives.

Oh, and the mermaid was a big hit! I hadn't expected a full-size, neon-haired, tail-flicking one, but when she tumbled out of the package Katherine immediately seized upon her and dubbed her (what else....) 'Ariel'. She has joined the other bathtoys in the overflowing basket at the end of the tub and has most recently acquired a five-inch dolphin that sprays water from its mouth as her latest 'pet'!

Am I missing anyone/anything? It's difficult to think straight when one's semicircular canals are oozing, so do forgive me if that's the case. My meds also seem to make me either sleepy or hyper (you decide which this is) so I have to balance that when I'm teaching as well. Thank goodness tomorrow is a Korean holiday (and I can go back to the doctor!)

If any of you want anything that this country can provide, please let us know. (and yes, Liese, I have my eye on a wonderful apothecary chest for you, just as soon as we can afford it. My friend Il Sun knows the owner of Kojeon - and now so do I! More on that later....)

Love and thankfulness to all at 'home',

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Anonymous audrey said...

We're glad you liked the box. We hope to send another one soon, so if there's anything specific you'd like please let us know.
Hope you enjoyed your day off (Buddha's birthday?)
More pictures please!

May 24, 2007 at 12:14 p.m.  
Blogger Alembyc said...

Can't send piccies! (sniff, sob, wail) digital camera is not working atm. I changed the batteries...and now every time I turn it off after taking some photos it refuses to turn back on without flashing an error message and wiping everything taken. Plugging it in without turning it off to dl the pictures does the same thing.

I'm really frustrated but we haven't had time to take it in (my ear has been getting priority...) yet. Perhaps after exams, which are heading perilously closer!

May 25, 2007 at 9:04 a.m.  
Blogger SOL's view said...

Hope your semicircular canals stop oozing soon. I like to read your blog. My daughter studied Korean at school but never got to travel. She doesn't remember most of it now, but I still like to come across a familiar phrase.

May 28, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.  

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