Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wisdom of a Four-year-old

Katherine’s Bedtime Musings, July 13, 2008

(after being tucked in bed and given her goodnight kiss, begins to talk to herself. I quickly open up Word and begin to transcribe her musings… they are given here as she said them, without editing or editorial prompts)

We should do this every day:

Eat one candy a day

Don’t eat six candies or seven candies.

Take care of others

Help others.

Brush your teeth.

Take care of puppies

Do what others say….

Do what your mom and dad say.

Play - by yourself.

Do good things.

One more thing that’s special. God loves us!

(continuing to muse, beginning to repeat herself)

Don’t do bad things.

Don’t steal something from others.

Obey. Write that one down. Obey.

Love others!

(puts her head down on her pillow peacefully, still repeating her credos to herself)

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